Remains of comet ISON appear to be vanishing

It is now clear that whatever remained of comet ISON is now disappearing into space. It did appear once the comet did pass over the sun is not clear, but it clear that most of the comet at that time did disintegrate due to the heat from the sun and the extreme tidal forces that the sun enforces on objects that go close to it.

Images and more details can be found in the links below.

NASA pic: DOOMED ice Comet ISON literally had snowball’s chance in hell (The Register)
ISON Appears To Be Fading, But Astronomers Keeping Eyes Peeled (Universe Today) (Information changes daily, so check the archive for today’s date 1-Desember-2013)

Comet ISON stripped of it’s material

The latest news of the comet ISON is that it appears to have survived the passing by the sun. Just barley, since there is not a lot left to see now according to latest images shown on website. It is not currently known what did happen to the comet, but it appears as it was mostly vaporised by the sun. Comet ISON was just one of many sungrazing comet that have not survived this interaction with the sun.

How much of the comet remains it difficult to know at present time, but I am sure that more details are going to appear in next few hours to days on what did happen to comet ISON.

Comet ISON destroyed (or stripped of it’s material) according to new images

The space weather report website is reporting that comet ISON seems to have disintegrated when it passed close to the sun. There are now clues that some small part of the comet might have survived the passage, but it is minor and is unlikely to provide any type of tail as it did before it did go past the sun.

For images and more details please click on the following link.
ISON Real Time gallery

News about the comet destruction (or close to it)

Comet Ison destroyed in Sun passage (BBC News)

Small chance of comet hitting Mars in 2014

The planet Mars is in the danger of getting hit by a comet on 19th October 2014 according to new news. This has not yet been confirmed as there is still considerable uncertainty about the comet orbit at current time. There is however the risk of impact. If this comet impacts Mars it is going to change the surface of Mars for centuries, as the impact crater is going to be at least double the size of the comet. This would also create a earthquake (marsquake) with the magnitude of Mw9.5+ on impact.

I am going to post more information on this as they become available.

News and information about this comet

C/2013 A1 (Wikipedia)
Could a Comet Hit Mars in 2014? (Discovery News)