A meteor explodes over South Russia

Early morning in Russia a meteor exploded over Russia (Chelyabinsk region). The explosion force was huge and did damage houses and create injuries to people. What force was in question here is not entirely known at the present time. Based on the videos that I have seen online so far. It looks like the force of the shock wave from when the meteor exploded in the air is around 1g to 3g. Since it takes a considerable force to blow out windows and damage walls. According to news reports around 1000 people have been reported hurt in this event. But reports are so far not clear on this. From the looks of it, the explosion took place 27 to 35 km above ground.

As for reports of the crater being found in a lake. I am not sure of that. Since the crater appears to be clean cut (based on the pictures I have seen). Ice does fracture when it get hit by something like a meteor. That has not been the case in the images showing supposed crater in the lake. I am still gathering information on this event. But it is going to take some time verify what happened exactly and if any meteor fragment have been found so far.

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